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Welcome to the FMWhat.Com website! Our website is designed to provide you with the latest and greatest version of FM WhatsApp, a modified version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app. FMWhatsApp comes with a wide range of exciting features and customization options that are not available in the standard version of WhatsApp.

Version: V9.65 Size: 54MB

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FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version December 2023

In the contemporary times we live in, communication is essential. In general, a lot of chat apps flooded the market with the introduction of smartphones. Although many different applications are used by people, WhatsApp is the undisputed champion of messaging. In every sort of communication, WA enables you to maintain the highest level of privacy. People not only use it for just chatting purposes but also for taking online classes, running a business, and many other purposes.

But because we are human, we always desire more. As this is the era of technology, nothing is impossible today. Because of this, developers are making WhatsApp-like tools. The best alternative to the original platform is usually a mod. Some of these mods are Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, Aero WhatsApp, etc. But today we are here with another modification called FMWhatsApp APK for all Android users. This version of WhatsApp is the ideal option for you if you are seeking a customized version since it simplifies things for you. Read the following post to learn more about the characteristics that make this release a fantastic WA modification.

Why Should You Use FMWhatsApp APK?

The excellent modified version of WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp Download, gives all Android users the option to conceal their last seen, message delivery report, online status, and other interface elements. You will appreciate the versatility of the library's thousands of themes, which offer a wide range of alternatives. The customization features have made this platform more adorable and popular. Everyone must remember that it is not available on Google Play Store because it was introduced by 3rd party developer; Fouad Mokdad. You must be knowledgeable about various other interesting tweaks; however, they can get banned for certain reasons. However, you should be aware that FM WhatsApp is an anti-ban version.

After GB WhatsApp, it is the next most widely used WhatsApp version. Today, it is used by over 10 million individuals globally. FM WhatsApp has been under development for more than five years, and with continuous improvement, it is still growing. Its success stems from the fact that it delivers functionality that the standard WhatsApp application does not. The goal of the development of this tool was to assist users in removing overuse and limits.

What is the Difference Between WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

Features WhatsApp FM WhatsApp
Make Audio and Video Calls Yes Yes
Media Sharing 25 MB 700 MB
Customized Layout 2 Themes 4000 Themes
View Once Download No Yes
Status Download No Yes
Freeze Last Seen No Yes
Hide Profile Picture Yes Yes
Disable Blue Ticks Yes Yes
Download Profile Picture No Yes
Airplane Mode No Yes
Restrict Callers No Yes
Update Notifications No Yes
Change Chat Colors No Yes
Change Fonts No Yes

Features of FM WhatsApp:

This most recent version has numerous intriguing features, which you may read here. Furthermore, every update upgrades these attributes. They are not offered on the official WA, either. Now let us discuss the characteristics. To get an understanding of what it is, read the section below.

In-Built Locker:

You can create a password for the Platform using the app lock, which is available. You can properly shield your records because of this. Isn’t it beneficial because you do not have to download any separate locking app for this purpose?

Pin Many Chats:

You can pin up to 100 conversations using this version as compared to the official version's three-chat limit.

Send A Message to the Unsaved Contact:

It is not necessary to save a contact to send messages to them. You can deliver texts to contacts that are not saved using this app. It would be useful when you do not want to save a number but still need to talk to them.

Choose Who Can Call You:

There is a unique function that lets you manage who is allowed to call you on WhatsApp. You will not receive phone calls from those who are not on that list.

Deactivate the Video Calling Option:

The video calling option can be turned off, which the original Application did not allow.

Attractive Font Style:

To look your message more appealing, different font styles have been inserted for you. Moreover, you can also get more styles from the theme store.

Anti-Revoke Attribute:

You may view the statuses of the people in your contact list even after they have been deleted because of the anti-delete text and status option. Additionally, if anyone deletes a text, you will still read it in your chatroom. It is reportedly one of the outstanding aspects of this update.

Hiding Feature:

  • You can modify the App's privacy preferences to deactivate things like last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks.
  • You can also hide your name from the list of people who viewed someone’s status. It means whoever’s status you will see; they will not be able to see your name and never get to know that you have seen the status.
  • You are allowed to disable and hide the tag "forwarded" from the messages that you forward.

Fouad Mods >> Privacy >> Disable “forwarded” label

  • Along with these, you can also conceal “Typing” and “recording” status so others will never get to know that you are typing or recording in their inbox.

Enhanced Limits:

  • More group members: Sending messages to a big group of 500 people is possible with this program. Only 250 persons are permitted on the original Program.
  • Share more images: A recipient can receive 90 photos at once. In the original App, only 30 photos can be sent at once.
  • Send audio: You can transfer audio files that are over 100 MB in size. You have no restriction to send a file of 700MBs in a single turn.
  • Share status with more timing: Uploading status of 7 minutes is no more a dream because with this platform you can turn your dream into reality.

Customization Feature:

  1. Customize the launcher icon
  2. Customized wallpapers
  3. Customized emojis
  4. Customize themes
  5. Customize the interface
  6. Customize sticker collection

Share Media With the Best Quality:

In contrast to the original app where video and picture quality is compromised after sending, the quality of your content remains unaffected by sharing because you can upload videos and photographs to FMWA with their full resolution.

Display Blue Ticks After Your Reply:

We frequently read texts but are unable to respond to them for a variety of reasons. So, here is the ultimate solution.

This is a critical attribute that enables you to read texts while remaining entirely covert, without even notifying them you are available and viewing their texts but not responding. They won't see the blue tick even if you read and read the message. These blue ticks won't show up unless you respond to them.

Language Translator:

The in-built translator feature has made communication easier. If someone texts you in a language that you do not understand, the translator will help you to translate the message for you in a language that you will choose.

Anti “Watch Once” Feature:

Watch "view once" pictures and films as many times as you want with anti-viewing capability.

Copy Status’ Caption:

Here is an opportunity for you to copy anyone's caption with just one click. Whenever you like a caption written on another's status, you do not need to write it by yourself or ask them to send it to you. You can just long press on the caption and it will be copied and available on your clipboard to paste anywhere.


Download FM WhatsApp Latest Version:

App Name FMWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 5,000,000+
App Size 51.1MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Developer FM Mods
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago

Some Mini Features:

  • Bugs and crashes have been fixed for a better experience.
  • Anti-ban system has been improved so that you can use all FMWhatsApp APK features without worrying about being banned. Each update makes this functionality better.
  • This new release offers a more seamless experience.
  • The base has been updated.
  • A rooted device is not necessary if you desire to install the app.
  • No virus that could harm your device is present.
  • Although it is a modified form, it is still free to download and use. Congratulations, you are not supposed to spend money to use its exceptional features. The interface is created in such a way that anyone can use it without any confusion which means it is an age and user-friendly platform.
  • The interface is friendly and works in the same way as the original app does.


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There are a lot of benefits to utilizing this application. Some of these are listed below:

A Plethora of Interesting Themes:

From among the more than a thousand themes in the collection, you can pick anyone. These themes will increase the aesthetic appeal of your chat screen.

DND Mode:

By enabling DND mode, you can still use your phone and internet while remaining offline from WhatsApp. You will not receive any message or call from WhatsApp with this.

Download Status:

In contrast to the original app, which does not let you save others' statuses, this version allows you to download anyone's status by clicking on the download icon. You can easily see this media in the gallery. Now, you will not need to download a separate downloader or request other people to send you the status.


There is nothing in this world that comes with 100 percent accuracy. Everything has some downsides too. Similarly, although this application includes a lot of advantageous features, it has some cons too. However, these disadvantages cannot be overwhelmed by the advantages of the platform. These disadvantages are minor and neglectable.

Slow Speed:

Speed is one drawback. Every feature operates more slowly than the original App.

Not 100% Secure:

Although it is claimed that the platform is safe still there remains a 1% chance for any modified version to get banned or not safe. However, this possibility is rare.


The facilities for the original WhatsApp are operating without complications. But FMWhatsApp APK is the ideal companion alternative if you want additional flexibility in the options of your app. You will receive the new elements missing from the original app thanks to this version. Although the redesigned platform can provide you with options, flexibility, and customization, it cannot perfectly ensure your confidentiality. At this point, you have got all the information we have to offer. It is now up to you to make a choice. To choose what is ideal for you, balance the advantages and disadvantages. All we are capable of is directing you. However, you will always have the ultimate authority. But we must say that try it out, and after you install it, we guarantee you will fall in love with this platform like Millions of other users are loving and appreciating it.

We accept that it is natural for you to have some queries about using any WhatsApp modification. Below, we will talk about some of the most frequently asked questions concerning FM WhatsApp. We believe it will assist you in clearing your concerns.


What Makes FMWhatsApp APK a Good Choice?

As you are already aware, this program is a customized copy of the original WhatsApp. But why would you want to utilize it? This question's simple solution is to add advanced functions and a better visual impression that are missing from the original App. You have the option to completely customize the application, so you may make it exactly how you want it.

Is it Safe to Download and Use FM WhatsApp?

It is a program that is secure to use. Our APK file is entirely secure, as evidenced by the experiment conducted by numerous different antivirus programs.

Why Should We Utilize this Platform?

Many functions that are not present in the original WhatsApp App are included in this modified edition. Normal users could perhaps stick with the native WhatsApp, but for those who wish to add choices to their messaging experience, this is the safest alternative. Get it on your Smartphone if you desire to enjoy a different form of WhatsApp.

Is it Possible to Obtain it on a PC?

Yes, you can get this version on your PC too. For that purpose, you are required to have an emulator such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer on your PC so that you can download it easily.

Is it Possible for me to Talk With Other Users of the Official Version?

Yes, you can communicate with other WhatsApp users even if they are using the official version. Since all variants operate cohesively together, any version from a third party can be utilized to interact with any other version.