How To Install FMWhatsApp APK?

So, you are eager to learn the instructions of how to install FMWhatsApp APK because you can’t wait to download and use the exceptional features of this messaging tool? This is a fantastic decision. Let us tell you that the installation is not complex. It is a noteworthy point for all users that you are not required to delete the original version to install this. You can install this version without uninstalling the official WhatsApp.


Now, let’s dive into the stepwise guidelines for downloading and installing which is a very simple procedure.

Step 1: Connect to the internet

Take your Android device and make a stable internet connection either with Wi-Fi or data. An Internet connection is mandatory because you can never download or install your application in the absence of an internet connection.

Step 2: Open Google chrome

  • After connecting to the internet, go to the web browser and open it.
  • After opening the web browser, open Google. You can also directly open Google chrome.

Step 3: Search and download the APK file of FM WhatsApp

Then, you must search for the APK file of this version of WhatsApp and then download it from some authentic website.
You must remember that if you search for this app on Google Play Store, then it is waste of time. You have to download its APK file from the website because it is a creation of 3rd party developer.

Step 4: Change the Settings of your device

  • Now, go back and search for the “Settings” icon on your device to open it.
  • After going into Settings, tap on the “security” option.
  • When you enter into security, search for the “permission” option. After finding it, click on it.
  • There you will see the option of “Unknown sources,” tap on it to enable unknown sources. Enabling unknown sources will permit you to install this version from 3rd party (unknown sources).

Settings> Security> Permission> Enable unknown sources

Step 5: Go into the File Manager

Now, press the back button. Navigate to the File Manager of your device and open it.

Step 6: Open the device storage

Tap on the Internal/device storage after opening File Manager.

File Manager >> Device/Internal storage

Step 7: Open the “downloads”

When you go into the storage, look out for the “downloads” option. After finding, tap on that.

File Manager > Device storage > Downloads

Step 8: Search the APK file

The downloaded APK file must be present in the “downloads” area. Search it out and open it.

Step 9: Install the application

Open the APK file and click on the “install” option. The installation process might take a few minutes. The time will also depend upon the stability of the internet connection. A slow or interrupted connection will make the process late. Anyways, wait till the procedure is done.

Step 10: Open and use

When you are sure that the installation is done, open the application and start using the ultimate features after inputting the information and giving certain permissions.

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