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App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Publisher FMWHAT
Size 57 MB
Latest Version v17.36
Required 5.0 +
MOD Info For Android
Genre Communication
Developer GBPlus
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Last Update 14 hours ago
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Everyone is familiar with the social media app WhatsApp in this day and age when social media addiction has peaked. Indeed, it is the platform that is utilized most frequently worldwide. This program is used for a wide range of purposes by adults as well as children, students as well as businessmen. Keeping in mind its growing usage and customer base, third-party developers decided to release many versions, in which new features can be introduced to fulfill user demands. As a result, GBWhatsApp APK, an excellent version of WhatsApp, has been released and is gaining popularity all over the world. So let's get into greater detail about this version.

Table of Contents



  • Message Scheduler

  • Do-Not-Disturb Mode 

  • Receive Notifications About Others' Being Online

  • Numerous languages 

  • Superior Image Quality

  • Hide "Recording" & "Typing" labels

  • Stylish Fonts

  • Save Others' Status

  • In-Built Locker

  • Bundle of Themes & Effects

  • Hide Your "Online" Presence

  • Read Deleted Messages

  • View Deleted Status

  • Copy others' Status and Caption

  • Select Who Can Call You

  • Share the Video on Status with More than 30 Seconds

  • Hide Blue & Black Tick

3.Some Mini Features

4.Pros of the App

5.Cons of the App

6.Download and Install GBWhatsApp APK

7.How to use GBWhatsApp APK?

8.Final Verdict



 An altered version of the original WhatsApp that has been created by third-party developers that contains numerous exceptional features for all Android users is called GBWhatsApp APK. Users should know the fact that this application is available on Google Play Store. Talking about its uniqueness, it entails modded features such as the opportunity to improve privacy by hiding your "online" status, freezing your last scene, concealing "recording" status, hiding double ticks until you reply, hiding blue ticks, etc. It also includes more options for customization such as piles of themes to choose from, different font styles, colors, and sizes, a lot of wallpapers, customizing who can call you, language translator, and many more. The interesting fact is that all of these features are available free of cost. Hence, it is an all-in-package for everyone.


The highlighting reason why the GB version is so popular is its tons of unbelievable features that are not present in the original version. The exciting features of GBWA include but are not limited to the following:


Message Scheduler

This feature will allow sending a message on time to anyone. For this purpose, you have to write a message in the inbox of that person and set the time at which you want to send it. This feature will automatically send the message at that fixed time.

Do-Not-Disturb Mode 

To escape from the distraction caused by WhatsApp messages and calls, you can enable DND mode.

Enabling this mode will restrict WhatsApp messages or calls notification to reach you and you can focus on your primary task using the internet because the DND feature will apply to GB WhatsApp and not to the entire mobile.

Receive Notifications About Others' Being Online

Gone is the time when you were required to check if someone is online or not because, in the GB version, this feature automatically notifies you when someone in your contact list comes online.

Numerous languages 

Language barriers will not be a concern anymore because a plethora of languages has been introduced to avoid any inconvenience.

Superior Image Quality

Use this version to send and receive images without distorting the quality. This is the best way to share media with HD resolution.

Hide "Recording" & "Typing" labels

If you are recording a voice note or typing a message in someone's inbox and you don't want to notify them about it, you can hide the "recording" status as well as "typing" with this version.

Stylish Fonts

To make your text more stylish and attractive, different fonts are there in this app for the users. For the best customization, there are 60 distinct font styles and sizes available, including Bold Text, Italic Text, Strikethrough Text, and Monospace Text.

Save Others' Status

While using the original application, when you like someone's status, you have to ask that person to share it with you or you have to download a separate downloader for this purpose.

This is quite messy. Therefore, in this modified version you do not have to ask anyone to send the status media because you can gain that media in your gallery by just clicking on the download icon.

In-Built Locker

Privacy is more important and we understand this factor. Therefore, a locker is included in the GB version to allow you to lock your chats and app by setting a pattern, pin, or finger lock.

Bundle of Themes & Effects

Whenever you will get bored with the old theme, you can select a new and different theme to decorate your app from the theme store of GBWA.

Moreover, you can decorate your picture before sending it to others by applying the effect of your choice.

Hide Your "Online" Presence

If you do not want anyone to know about your online presence, you can hide this status by going into the settings.

Improved limit to sending media

  • Send more pictures: In contrast to the official platform in which you can share 30 photos at a time, the GB version has permitted you to send at least 90 photos at once without any restriction.
  • Send audio & video with more MBs: Using this platform, users are allowed to deliver an audio file containing 100 MBs and a video file of 50 MBs can be shared easily.
  • Send files with more MBs: Sharing pdf, word, and other types of files with more MBs is no more a restriction.

Read Deleted Messages

If someone has sent you a text and then deleted it before you have seen it, you can still read that message because the developer has introduced an anti-revoke feature in this version that does not delete the message from your inbox even if the sender deletes that message.

View Deleted Status

It frequently happens that people upload status and delete it afterward. But, you can still see that status while using this platform even if the other person has deleted the status.

Copy others' Status and Caption

Do you like someone's written status or caption written on the status? This mod allows you to copy that by long-pressing on it.

Select Who Can Call You

If someone in your contact list is constantly disturbing you by calling you on WhatsApp, you can block incoming calls from that contact. Thus block just incoming calls and not the whole contact.

Share the Video on Status with More than 30 Seconds

Unlike WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp will have given the advantage that users can upload a video clip on status with a limit of 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

Hide Blue & Black Tick

It is the best feature because when you implement this feature, it will not let others know that you have received or read the message. The blue or double black tick will appear to them only when you will reply to their message.

Some Mini Features

  • It comes with a "bugs and crashes fixed" feature.
  • You are not needed to root your device.
  • End-to-encryption to secure your messages
  • User and age-friendly interface
  • No need to spend money to download and install it.

Pros of the App

  • Unlimited & Unrestricted everything

Unlimited themes, wallpapers and use other features countless times without any restriction.
You can create and send unlimited stickers to make your chatting more realistic.

  • Increased Limit of Characters While Writing Group Names & Writing Status

Now, set a creative name for your WhatsApp group by using more characters.
You can use more characters for not only group names but also writing status.

  • Multiple Accounts

Now users can use more than one account easily. 

Cons of the App

  • In terms of privacy, it is still not 100% secure because it is not an official application.
  • You need to update this app manually whenever an update is available. It does not get updated automatically. 

Download and Install GBWhatsApp APK

It is an amazing application for you and should download it immediately to make your social life and communication more appealing. Dear customers, if you are looking out for guidelines on how to download and install this application without spending money, then you should read and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Connect Your Device to the Internet

You should remember that a stable internet connection is mandatory because, without the internet, you cannot download it.

Download the APK file of GB WhatsApp's Latest Version

As it is a release of 3rd party, you cannot directly download it from Google Play Store. You are required to download the APK file of GBWhatsApp from the website.

Note: You can download the APK file from our website too because we provide fraudulent-free APK files for you.

Open the "Settings" of Your Phone

When you download the APK file, you need to go back and open the "settings" of your mobile phone.

Open the "Security"

In the settings, you will see the option of "security," click on it.

Click on "Unknown Sources"

After clicking on the "security" option, you will find the option of "unknown sources" on your screen, click on this option. Clicking on this option will enable unknown sources (3rd parties) to gain access to your device.

Settings>Security>Unknown sources

Open "File Manager"

Done with enabling unknown sources? Good! Now open the "file manager" of your device.

Click on Internal/Device Storage

After opening the file manager, tap on the internal storage of your phone.

Open the "Downloads" Folder

Find the "downloads" folder in your device storage. In this folder, you will find the downloaded APK file.

Open the APK file and Install

In the downloads folder, you have seen the APK file that has been downloaded. Open it. You will see the option of "install," click on it.

File manager> Device storage> downloads> APK file> Install

Wait and enjoy

The installation process might require some time, wait till then. Do not disconnect from the internet. When it is done, open the application to use its features. 

How to use GBWhatsApp APK?

Some Requirements & Permissions

To send or receive a message or to enjoy other features, your device must be connected to the internet.
After downloading the application, you are required to give some permissions such as:

  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Access to Gallery
  • Access to Camera
  • Access to Phone storage
  • Access to Location
  • Access to Microphone
  • Access to contacts

Create Account

  1. Enter the phone number on which you want to run this app. We will recommend you use this version as a secondary account.
  2. You will receive OTP on this number via text message. Enter that OTP and verify your account.
  3. Set the display picture by selecting a picture from the gallery or capturing the picture on the spot.
  4. Enter other details such as bio and username.

Start Using

  1. From the "chat" section, you can start chatting.
  2. From the "status" section, you can share or view the status. Also, you can change the status setting from this section.
  3. From the "calls" section, you can call someone, view the call list, and delete call history.


Final Verdict

It is time to wrap up the discussion by illustrating that GBWhatsApp APK is the most widely used platform by people who love customized things. We have tried to cover all the major details so that you can understand them. Now, you have to decide if you want to experience the amazing features of this application. We recommend you install it because it includes new features such as auto-translator, auto-reply, copy and save status, privacy features, and a lot more. We are sure that you will love this platform.


Is GBWhatsApp Better than Official WhatsApp

In terms of features such as improved customization possibilities, better privacy options, better media sharing, and all other attributes, GBWhatsApp is better. But in terms of security, we will say that official WA is better.

Can we use GB WhatsApp Along with Official WhatsApp?

Yes, you are allowed to use both versions on the same device. You do not need to uninstall the original WhatsApp to download and use the GB version.

Can GBWhatsApp Harm the Data of My Device?

No, it is safe to download and use. It is a virus-free version that does not harm the data of your phone. Don't worry; your device will remain secure.

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